7 Reasons for Choosing UK Independent Schools

1. Academic Excellence​

Independent schools in the UK are internationally renowned for their academic prowess –according to the Independent Schools Council (ISC) nearly half of A-level entries at ISC independent schools achieved A*/A grades in 2018. The Telegraph’s Independent School League table shows that in the same year there were 10 independent schools in which over 80% of all students achieved A/A* grades at A level. With such statistics, it is no surprise that over half (54%) of the pupils at ISC surveyed schools continued to a Russell Group University (top 24 universities in the UK) in 2018.

2. University Application Support​

If your child’s goal is to attend a British university, you can expect independent schools to offer a significant amount of university application preparation, support and advice. Some UK universities even accept GCSE English Language (grade C or above) as proof of language proficiency for international students, meaning that there would be no need for your child to take an additional exam, such as IELTS, before university.

3. Authentic British Culture Experience

An influential part of British history, boarding schools are a great way for your child to experience British culture and tradition in a fully immersive environment which has been proven to promote fluency in English. Schools also often provide additional English language support to make sure that language is never a barrier for international students in class.

4. International Exposure​

Independent schools also provide ample opportunity for your child to travel within the UK and internationally on school trips during weekends and school holidays. Such excursions can range from museum visits and sightseeing in the UK to archaeological digs, skiing, hiking and, language-learning trips all over the world.

5. All-round Pastoral Care​

With many teachers and staff living on-site providing around-the-clock pastoral support, boarding schools create a healthy and balanced environment in which your child will have the freedom to develop independence both academically and individually.

6. Wide Range of Activities​

The prodigious extra-curricular and co-curricular provisions will also encourage your child to develop a wide repertoire of skills and hobbies to enjoy for life. Such activities differ from school to school and range from access to Olympic-sized swimming pools and Art & Design studios to lectures from well-known academics and celebrities, debating competitions, volunteering, fencing, horse-riding, rock-climbing, sailing, theatre, cookery and jewellery making.

7. Network for Life​

Acting as a precursor for life beyond formal education, boarding school gives students the chance to form life-long friendships with their peers and form strong bonds with their teachers, preparing your child for professional relationships in their career and providing them with a community and network of alumni for life.

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