2 year (I)GCSE programme
● Common programme generally lasts for 2 years, at Year 10-11
● Approximate equivalent to HK’s Forms 4-5
● Usually 8-11 subjects
● Some subjects can be taken 1 year early depending on the school and the student

1 year (I)GCSE programme

● For current Form 4 students or students about to enter Form 5
● Commence in September or January every year
● Usually only 5-7 subjects
● More intensive workload; more suitable for students with better academic performance


● Public examination takes place after the 2-year programme
● Similar to the HKCEE in previous Hong Kong education system
● Results range from Level 1 to 9, with Level 9 being the highest


● To apply for A-Level programme in the UK (minimum requirement: Attaining Level 5 in more than 5 subjects) or Foundation programme for  university

Ampla’s (I)GCSE Courses

We offer both long-term regular lessons that focus on the understanding of fundamental knowledge in every subject, and short-term intensive classes that can efficiently improve students’ exam technique. Supplemented with structured notes and adaptive homework plans, Ampla’s courses boost student grades effectively, with an average increase of 30% in 2 months.

We offer I(GCSE) classes in: 

● Biology 


● Economics

● English Language & Literature

● Geography

● History

● Latin/ Classical Civilisation

● Mathematics

● Modern Languages: Chinese/ French/ German/ Spanish


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