● Generally 2 years, age range 16-19

3 Core elements and 6 subject groups

  • Theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, services (CAS), the extended essay (EE)
  • Studies in language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, the arts


  • IB subjects are graded on a 1- 7 scale with 7 being the highest score.
  •  To qualify for the award of the IB Diploma a student must receive a combined score of 24 points across 6 subjects with at least 12 points from higher level subjects and a minimum of 9 points from standard level subject.
  • The maximum points that can be awarded to an IB Diploma student is the full score of 45 with 42 points generated across the 6 subjects and 3 bonus points derived from Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.

Recognition of IB Diploma

  • Globally recognised by universities, with its students gaining competitive offers for further studies.
  • Aims to produce excellent, internationally minded, research-based curricula and support material that enable students to develop the attributes of the learner profile and the IB mission.

Ampla’s IBDP Courses

We offer both long-term regular lessons that focus on the understanding of fundamental knowledge in every subject, and short-term intensive classes that can efficiently improve students’ exam technique. Supplemented with structured notes and adaptive homework plans, Ampla’s courses boost student grades effectively, with an average increase of 30% in 2 months.

We offer IBDP (SL and HL) classes in: 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • English (A: Literature/ B)
  • History
  • Languages (A/ B/ ab initio): Chinese/ French/ German/ Spanish
  • Mathematics/ Mathematical Studies
  • Physics    

Ampla’s IBDP Course Highlights

Following our initial assessment, students will receive a personalised study plan:

  • 24/7 on-demand tutoring with our experienced IBDP tutors (online/ face-to-face lessons available)
  • Full-length and single-section practice tests for assignment complemented by weekly timed quizzes and progress reports
  • For second year students: we conduct revision of first year materials to ensure solid foundation for progression to Year 2

Strategic Plan

A week-by-week study plan specifically designed for you.

Targeted Approach

Review each topic with a focus on weaker areas, with condensed notes and study materials provided.

Practical Skills

Cover test-taking strategies including time management, making informed guesses and how to handle stress.

Exam Drill

Familiarise with different exam styles/ techniques/ mark schemes through practice papers.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact us now to schedule lessons and arrange a complimentary meeting with our dedicated university admissions specialists.

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