Mentorship for High School Students

Ampla’s Mentorship Programme helps students to find clarity in their pursuits, and develop the soft skills and mindset that are essential in navigating through the obstacles and life challenges in high school. Our Mentorship Programme is unique and is specifically tailored to meet the academic and personal objectives of each student. A specific mentor will be assigned to the student for the entire year to ensure consistency in the support and development of the student.

Our goal is to leave students feeling more empowered, inspired and motivated in achieving their educational and personal pursuits. Pastoral care is fully integrated throughout the mentoring to effectively meet the personal, well-being and academic needs of the student. Students will develop a love for learning, build positive emotions, enhance their capabilities in goal setting, and strengthen personal resilience. 

Mentorship Programme

  • Profile Evaluation & Goal Setting

We explore and identify what is best suited for the student. After discussing the goals and aspirations with our experienced consultants, we establish short-term study goals to meet long-term university plans. With a customised action list, mentees can immediately focus on key areas to work on.


  • Mentoring

We pair students up with mentors specialising in the students’ desired subjects. Our mentors aim to motivate the students, elevate their capabilities in achieving goals and equip them with the tools needed to overcome adversities. Through supervising learning progress, our mentors are able to build a high-performance mindset by focusing on the personal development and interests of the student. In addition, Ampla’s mentors will foster daily habits that will improve productivity and optimise efficiency.


  • Academic Planning

To maximise our students’ chances of success in university/ school applications, we provide tailored roadmaps on the selection of courses and preparation for academic qualifications. Scheduling mock assessments (such as UKiset, ISEB Tests, SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, AP, IB, IELTS, IGCSE, A-Level) to gauge the student’s performance can help students prepare for standardised tests at an early stage.


  • Profile Enhancement

Strategic selection of extra-curricular activities and holiday programmes can significantly boost the student’s profile through demonstrating leadership, creativity, critical thinking and development across different areas.


  • Internship and Volunteering Opportunities

Internship and volunteering experiences provide incredible opportunities and international exposure. We guide students on CV and cover letter writing to help them gain opportunities that will enrich their learning experiences and enhance their application profiles.


  • Special Project Implementation

Together with our mentors, students will embark on a journey of self discovery, which will lead them to identify their interests and deepen their self-awareness. In our mentorship, mentees brainstorm, strategise and implement a special independent project with our subject specialist based on their interests and strengths (such projects may include academic research, entrepreneurial venture, or charity development).


Ampla’s Mentorship Programme Highlights

Following our consultation, students will receive a personalised mentorship plan:

  • 24/7 on-demand coaching sessions with our experienced Oxbridge/ Ivy League mentors (available online/ face-to-face)
  • Grow the idea, build the model and develop the strategy
  • Execute the plan and launch the project
  • Receive support along every stage of the project implementation

Mentorship Outcomes

After joining the mentorship programme, students will learn to :

  • Explore higher education options and future career paths
  • Discover their talents and pursue their passions
  • Know their strengths and further develop them
  • Build a profile and utilise their skills

Strategic Plan

Mentorship Programme specifically designed for each student.

Targeted Approach

Identify interests and strengths and further develop them.

Skills Enhancement

Develop a desirable set of skills, knowledge, experience and personal attributes.

Dedicated Mentors

Our experienced educators aim to inspire mentees to reach their full potential.

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