Interview Preparation for School and University Admissions

Our interview courses are specially designed by our expert consultants to prepare applicants for their school/ university interviews. We help students develop the two core skills needed to succeed at interview. Through our interactive mock interviews, students will learn essential techniques to boost confidence and communicate effectively.

Boarding/ International School Interviews

  • Content
    • Common questions such as:
      • Tell me about yourself.
      • Why are you applying to this school?
      • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
      • Which book are you currently reading?
      • What is your favourite subject?
      • What are your hobbies?
      • Tell me about something you read in the news.
    • Improvised responses such as:
      •  What colour best describes yourself?
      • If you can meet with anyone, who would it be and why? 

University Interviews

  • Content
    • Subject knowledge: led by our Oxbridge-educated consultants, we will work through academically rigorous university level materials to develop students’ knowledge in their intended subject. Students will gain a deeper understanding in their chosen subject and will be more familiar with the university-specific interview styles.


  • Delivery
    • Communicate your ideas confidently
    • Develop an understanding of the expectations at interview
    • Improve clarity when speaking in an interview setting

Ampla’s Interview Preparation Highlights

Following our consultation, students will receive a personalised interview training plan:

  • 24/7 on-demand coaching with our experienced Oxbridge/ Ivy League tutors (online/ face-to-face lessons available)
  • Authentic mock interview experience complete with past interview questions
  • Comprehensive reports including reading list and improvement strategies

Strategic Plan

Interview preparation specifically designed for you.

Targeted Approach

Review each interview area with condensed resources and materials provided.

Practical Skills

Cover key interview strategies including presentation skills, clarity of speech and how to handle difficult questions.

Authentic Experience

Familiarise with different interview styles through training with our various consultants.

Interview Tips

International Admissions

Ampla's Admissions Services range from consultation, school/ university selection and personal statement guidance to test preparation, interview preparation and academic support.

Consulting Services

Admissions Success

Our Oxbridge and Ivy League consultants have helped students gain admission to Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, LSE, UCL and more.

University Applications

Complimentary Consultation

Contact us now to schedule lessons and arrange a complimentary meeting with our dedicated admissions specialists.

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