Education Concierge

Giving families greater peace of mind

Education Concierge for Busy Parents

Ampla’s Education Concierge Service helps parents navigate the complex global education systems. By offering student-centric advisory services, our tailored recommendations and support provide students with greater opportunities. We simplify the details for you. Together we save you time, energy, and bring peace of mind through our customised services, ensuring efficiencies at every touch point. 

Our Services

  • Communicate student progress to parents
  • Summarise student’s school notifications and extra curricular activity updates for parents
  • Liaise and communicate with school departments and respective teachers
  • Reply to school emails and teacher feedback on behalf of parents
  • Arrange and coordinate lessons outside of school, such as academic tutors and specialists (eg child psychologists, therapeutic professionals, counsellors, speech language specialists, nutrition coaches and more)
  • Communicate with other tutors to track student’s learning progress
  • Arrange and coordinate lessons outside of school
  • Handle and assist ad-hoc learning tasks
  • 24/7 emergency care and assistance
  • Available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Who Will Benefit

Our concierge service is especially beneficial for:

  • Busy families who prefer professionals to advise on or deal with all aspects of their children’s academic life
  • International families who need short-term support during their relocation, as well as recommendations on tutoring, interest classes, sports, music, art etc
  • Students with SEN who would have an advantage of extra specialised coaching on academic subjects

Why Ampla?

Unparalleled team

With all of our consultants having studied at top HK/ UK/ US universities, we are best positioned to advise families.

One-stop solution

Benefit from Ampla’s one-stop all inclusive education concierge and consulting services to amplify your child’s success.

Customised Services

We tailor all our services and teaching approaches to adapt to your family’s unique needs.

International Recognition

We are a proud recipient of multiple industry awards including the ‘Most Outstanding Education Centre in Hong Kong’ and ‘Education Consultancy of the Year’.

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