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Our company derived its name from the Latin word Ampla, meaning “great opportunity”. It represents what we strive to provide students with – an opportunity to go to the best schools and universities around the world. We aim to guide students along the path to discovering great opportunities in education.

Our professional team, all graduated from top universities in the world, possesses vast experience in academic tutorials, and can provide expert advice on university and boarding school applications. We believe that at Ampla, students’ potential is maximised through our care, guidance and mentoring.

Specialising in school admissions and after-school tutorial services, Ampla Education aims to help students achieve their academic goals by delivering quality teaching. With courses designed and delivered by Ampla’s very own consultants, Ampla is able to cater to the individual needs of each student and provide top notch one-stop services which are customised and all-inclusive.

By using a unique model combining the best of East and West teaching methods, Ampla offers tailor-make classes specific to student needs, optimising their performance inside and outside school.

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We are a proud recipient of multiple industry awards including the ‘Most Outstanding Education Centre in Hong Kong’ and ‘Education Consultancy of the Year’.

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Asia Business Achiever Award

The Most Outstanding Education Centre

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Social Caring Pledge Award

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Hong Kong Education Award 2021

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Education Consultancy of the Year

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Unparalleled Team

Our Oxbridge and Ivy League-educated team combines the best teaching methods across the world to assist students in reaching their goals.
Our tutors have experience teaching students from the following schools:

HK International Schools

    HK Local Schools

    UK Boarding Schools