HK International School Admissions

Our HK International School Admissions Consulting Services

1. Consultation

Meet with our experienced consultants to identify individual strengths and needs.

4. Exam Prep

Arrange academic tutorials to prepare student for entrance exams.

2. Strategy

Design customised plan with an optimal school list that best aligns with the student's interests.

5. Interviews

Provide interview coaching delivered by experts, followed by a detailed and comprehensive report.

3. Applications

Assist in application submission, school visit arrangements and purchase of debentures.

6. Full Support

Communicate with schools on behalf of the family and offer advice on school decisions.

Why Ampla

Unparalleled team

With many of our consultants having studied at HK international schools, we are best positioned to advise families.

One-stop solution

Benefit from Ampla’s one-stop all inclusive education consulting services to amplify your child’s success.

Customised Services

We tailor all our services and teaching approaches to adapt to your family’s unique needs.

Placement Rate
1 %

We adopt a flexible and  realistic approach to accommodate each of our client’s needs.


  • Canadian International School
  • Chinese International School
  • English Schools Foundation
  • German Swiss International School
  • Hong Kong International School
  • Independent Schools Foundation
  • Kellett School

and more

HK International Schools Admissions Overview

Stage 1 – Initial Consultation

  • Understand the strengths and interests of your child to find the right HK International Schools
  • Meet with our education consultants for advice on suitable HK International Schools
  • Take our diagnostic test to identify academic positioning and find the most suitable schools

Stage 2 – School Visits

  • Depending on the timeline, visiting the school is a good opportunity to see the school, its facilities, staff, students and the local area
  • Private visits can be arranged
  • We can arrange HK international school educated consultants to accompany your family on school visits/ interviews, and provide counselling advice throughout

*Remember first impressions definitely still count in these visits so book a session with our expert interview coaches before visiting the schools

Stage 3 – Applications

Admission Priority

  • Each school offers slightly different admission priorities to applicants provided that places are available and following a successful entrance assessment.

    • Debenture/ Foundation Certificate holders
    • Siblings currently attending the school
    • Citizens/ passport holders of certain countries, for example:
      • Australian International School (AISHK) – Australian or New Zealand nationals
      • Canadian International School (CDNIS) – Canadian nationals
      • French International School (FIS) – French or Swiss nationals
      • German Swiss International School (GSIS) – German, Swiss or Austrian nationals
    • Children of School Staff/ Faculty
    • Children of Alumni

Stage 4 – Admissions Assessments

Entrance Exams

  • Our dedicated consultant will help you set goals and devise a study plan
  • Prepare for the ISEE/ CAT4/ IDAT/ individual school assessments
  • Understand the main concepts tested: English (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary), Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Offer face-to-face/ home tutoring/ online tutorials with our experienced tutors
  • Initial and final full mock tests to track progress
  • Homework drills and review to help students master effective application of techniques
  • Quizzes in exam conditions to work under time pressure


  • Arrange mock interview sessions with our interview coaching experts
  • Provide a detailed and comprehensive report analysing the student’s performance
  • Assess student strengths and identify areas for improvement
  • Prepare the parents for informal meetings with admissions directors
  • Strategies and techniques for maximising interview performance

Stage 5 – Post Application Support

  • Guidance on acceptances, deferrals, and your final school selection
  • Provide waitlist assistance
  • Refer to trusted partners for visa services and extracurricular activities

Ampla’s HK International School Admissions Course Highlights

For entry into HK International Schools

Following our initial assessment, students will receive a customised plan based on the following curriculum which is designed to imitate international schools’ assessments.

  • 24/7 on-demand tutoring with our experienced UK boarding school specialists (online/ face-to-face lessons available)
  • Full-length and single-section practice tests for assignment complemented by weekly timed quizzes and progress reports

1. Reading Comprehension

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry and literary devices

2. Writing

  • Creative
  • Descriptive
  • Persuasive
  • Techniques and styles

3. Verbal

  • Vocabulary booster
  • Regular quizzes

4. Mathematics

  • Key terms
  • Important concepts and formulae

5. Test-taking strategies

  • Time management
  • Making informed guesses
  • Stress handling

6. Interviews

  • Mock interviews with our expert consultants
  • Content: common questions and improvised responses
  • Delivery: eye contact, body language and speech

Strategic Plan

A week-by-week study plan specifically designed for you.

Targeted Approach

Review each topic with a focus on weaker areas, with condensed notes and study materials provided.

Practical Skills

Cover test-taking strategies including time management, making informed guesses and how to handle stress.

Exam Drill

Familiarise with different exam styles/ techniques/ mark schemes through practice papers.

Admissions Success

Our consultants have helped students gain offers from the following schools and universities:

HK International Schools

Australian International School

Canadian International School 

Chinese International School

English Schools Foundation (ESF)

French International School

German Swiss International School

Harrow International School Hong Kong

Hong Kong International School

Independent Schools Foundation (ISF)

Kellett School

Singapore International School 

The International Montessori School (IMS) 

Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA)


Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong

UK Schools Admissions

Our consultants have helped students gain admission to Badminton, Benenden, Cheltenham Ladies’, Eton, Harrow, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Wellington, Westminster​, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey and more.

UK Boarding School Applications

US Schools Admissions

With our consultant's help with application essays, SSAT/ ISEE preparation and interview coaching, our students have secured offers to Andover, Exeter, Choate, Deerfield, Loomis Chaffee and more.

US Boarding School Applications

Entrance Exams

Designed and delivered by Ampla's experienced tutors, our customised courses provide excellent preparation for students Hong Kong international schools assessment.

Exam Prep

Complimentary Consultation

Interested to know more about our HK International Schools Consultancy Services? Contact us now to arrange a complimentary meeting with our dedicated consultants.