Academic Courses

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Intellectual Enrichment and Exam Preparation

Our academic offerings range from short preparatory courses to year round programmes that ensure students optimise their performance and achieve their best scores in school and in standardised tests. 

Our programmes cover all key components of the curriculum and provide intensive training in core skills and techniques.

We aim to familiarise students with the format and content of the test, the type of questions asked, and the best strategies to use.

Want to learn the most effective test strategies or get ahead in school?

Intellectual Enrichment

Inquiry-based lessons taught in an engaging manner

Our enrichment lessons are built upon an inquiry-based approach. We combine the best teaching methods across the world, consolidating students’ existing knowledge and exploring topics not covered at school. Through a series of fun yet challenging activities, we promote interest and enjoyment of learning.

Exam Preparation

Experienced Teachers

All our teachers are top school graduates who have extensive experience teaching students from 7 to 18.

Small Group Class

With a maximum class size of four, we are able to work with students individually to improve on any areas of weakness.

Timed Mock Exam Sessions

Students will put their test skills into practice during the full-length mock sessions. This boosts students’ confidence and familiarity with the test.

Effective Lessons

The mock sessions are followed by lessons where the teacher will give detailed feedback and highlight crucial exam strategies. We combine the best teaching methods from around the world.

Comprehensive Practice Papers

Students are given abundent assessment papers to practice thoroughly at home.

Detailed Feedback

At the end of each term and upon the completion of each course, students are given individual reports analysing their progress and detailing any further areas for improvement.

Our Offerings


  • School Interview

  • Personal Statment

  • UKiset/ Pre-test

    • English & Verbal Reasoning​​

    • Maths & Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Common Entrance 11+/13+/16+​

    • English

    • History/ Geography / Religious Studies

    • Latin

    • Maths​​

    • Modern Languages: Chinese/ French/ German/Spanish

    • Science

  • HK International Schools Admissions

    • ​Chinese

    • English

    • Maths​

Exam Curricula

  • (I)GCSE

  • A-Level ​

  • IB (SL/HL)

  • Pre-U


  • All curricula are offered in the following subjects ​

    • ​Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics

    • Economics

    • English Language & Literature

    • Mathematics

    • Modern Languages:  Chinese/ French/ German/ Spanish

    • History

Bespoke Programmes

Our teachers have experience tutoring a wide range of subjects

  • ​Maths/ Science Olympiads

  • UKMT

  • ACT

  • AP


  • ISEE

  • SAT

  • SCAT

  • SSAT​

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