UKiset Test Prep

What is UKiset Test Prep?

  • The UKiset is the UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test
  • Over 200 UK schools adopted UKiset as part of their admissions process for international students with English as a second language
  • Some use UKiset as the sole assessment/the first step of their admissions process
  • Not a compulsory test for candidates, but schools are likely to ask for it sooner or later in the application process


UKiset Test Prep – Format

An adaptive online assessment made up of three components:

1. Reasoning test
2. Cambridge English Placement Test
3. English Essay

1. Reasoning

(i) Non-Verbal Reasoning (solving problems using pictures, diagrams and patterns)

(ii) Verbal Reasoning (the ability to work with words and language)

(iii) Quantitative Reasoning (working with numbers, values and sequences using mathematic skills)

2. Cambridge English 

(i) Reading Comprehension

(ii) Listening

(iii) Use of English
(grammar, vocabulary, spelling)

3. English Essay

(i) Handwritten Assessment

(ii) Required words range from 150-350 for Year 7-12

  • Could be taken at designated exam centres in Hong Kong and/or other places
  • Results received after 3 working days
  • Results are valid for 1 year
  • Retake possible 6 months after the previous attempt

Ampla’s UKiset Test Prep  Courses

Following our initial assessment, students will receive a customised plan based on the following curriculum which is designed to imitate UK school assessments.

Reasoning skills

  • Identify and practice techniques to use – this is not a knowledge-based test
  • Improve vocabulary skills

English Skills

  • Read and listen to English as much as possible
  • Practice planning and writing a range of different essay styles and topics

Maths Skills

  • Practice mental arithmetic
  • Become familiar with a range of different types of questions

Ampla’s UKiset Test Prep Course Highlights

  • 24/7 on-demand tutoring with our experienced team of UK boarding school specialists
  • Flexible scheduling: online/ face-to-face lessons available
  • Tailor-made lesson plan complemented by weekly timed quizzes and progress reports
  • Supported by Atom Learning, an adaptive mock test platform that allows our tutors to track students’ learning progress at home [Receive 10% off by using the discount code: WBQeJuxB]

Strategic Plan

A week-by-week study plan specifically designed for you.

Targeted Approach

Review each topic with a focus on weaker areas, with condensed notes and study materials provided.

Practical Skills

Cover test-taking strategies including time management, making informed guesses and how to handle stress.

Exam Drill

Familiarise with different exam styles/ techniques/ mark schemes through practice papers.

Our Students’ Average Performance

Non-Verbal Reasoning

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