Applying to Concord College

Key Information about Concord College

Concord College is an independent co-educational international day/boarding school in Shropshire, England. The college admits students aged between 12 and 19; the majority of whom come from overseas.

The rigorous selection process the college requires of each student results in high ranking of the college. As a real specialist in STEM, Maths, and Economics, regular assessments and exam preparation are provided to ensure students can quickly settle into the British educational system, achieve top exam results, and progress seamlessly to the best universities in the world.

Despite not being a traditional British boarding school, the College boasts excellent extra-curricular facilities, and a huge provision for sports.


In Form 3 (Year 9), students follow a broad curriculum with a wide range of subjects including maths, English, science, history, geography, French, Spanish, German, computer studies, art, music and drama. Students who need extra English support are withdrawn from French, Spanish and History for extra lessons.

Students study (I)GCSEs from Year 10, with core subjects including mathematics, English (and English Literature in most cases) and the sciences (biology, chemistry and physics). A wide range of options are offered, which include art, astronomy, computer science, drama, economics, French, geography, German, history, music, religious studies, Spanish and statistics.

In Sixth Form (Year 12), many students add a fourth subject either at A or AS level. Subjects offered include art, biology, chemistry, economics, English, French, further mathematics, geography, history, mathematics, music, photography, physics and Spanish. Some students will also study for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and most students study maths at A Level.


Higher Education Support

  • Medicine Support Programme: includes weekly meetings to cover all aspects of the application process, monthly evening talks by practising doctors and a one-day conference attended by a significant number of UK medical schools and health care-professionals. In addition to this, four focused training days are provided on interview technique and the UCAT and BMAT admissions tests. A dedicated team of five staff with expertise in medical admissions provide 1:1 support to students throughout the application process. This includes assisting students applying outside the UK.
  • Extensive Oxbridge Support: Concord offers specific guidance on how to prepare for a series of mock admissions tests, such as BMAT/ UCAT for medicine, the PAT for Physics, the MAT for Mathematics, the LNAT for Law and the TSA for a range of courses. Concord is also a pre-test centre for the TSA exam, giving students more chances to try out questions for this particular test.
  • Specialist Careers Guidance: Available to all Concord students, the careers guidance will normally involve a student taking a two hour online, psycho-metric and aptitude style test.  The results of this test are used to give the student and their family a wide number of suggestions of possible university course and career choices.  Upon receiving an independent, one-to-one careers interview with Concord’s Student Futures Officer (SFO), we will then discuss the careers profiling report. The main aim will be to formulate a clear Plan A and Plan B for life post-Concord and to make a balanced and informed decision regarding their chosen career choice.  A special report is issued at the end of Year 12. dedicated to the student’s aspirations and current rate of progress in respect to these goals.
  • Work Experience: It is an important element in making a choice of university course and career.  Guidance on appropriate placements is given by University Coordinators and the SFO. In recent years, Concord students have taken up work placements relating to medicine, architecture, veterinary medicine, dentistry, engineering and law that have been facilitated by the college. Detailed information on relevant university courses can be found in Concord’s Careers Library and can be discussed with the Student Futures Officer, the Library staff and the with the student’s Tutor, Head of House and subject teachers.
  • Careers Planning: Concord also hosts a series of activities and career talks, such as the first National Skills Enterprise day for Year 11 and 12 students. Regular lectures are organised to support university applications in specific subject areas. Alumni are also invited back to support current students in developing their career goals.

University Destinations

  • 83% attend UK Top 10 universities
  • 57% attend UK Top 5 universities
  • 41 students gained places at medical, dental or veterinary schools
  • 96% got accepted onto their firm choice university course
  • 15 students got into Oxford and Cambridge, 11 students into LSE,12 to Imperial, 18 to KCL, 37 into UCL 15 to Bristol, 6 to Edinburgh, 6 to Manchester and 5 to St. Andrew’s.

Concord College



Students can sit the online entrance tests at home or at our office.  The tests taken will depend on the student’s chosen A level/GCSE subjects and may include Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities.  In total, the tests will take approximately two and a half hours.

  • Online entrance exams  
  • Application form
  • School reference reports
  • Previous exam transcripts (if any)


Why should you apply to study at Concord College?

  • Exemplary A level results: 85% A*/A at A level (96% A*-B grade)
  • Great track record (this year 15 students got into Oxford and Cambridge, 41 students into medical, dental and veterinary schools)
  • 88% of GCSEs were grade 7 or higher (A*/A equivalent)
  • Concord has been ranked in the top 3 independent schools for A level (2019 ISC Independent Schools Council)
  • Fabulous facilities on our safe 73-acre campus set in the heart of the English countryside
  • International mix of students provides a vibrant and varied community with a global perspective


How Ampla Education can help

We provide all inclusive school placement services:

  • Shortlist best fit schools that match your needs
  • Submit school applications and any supporting documents that can strengthen your application
  • Provide exam preparation and interview coaching lessons, both online or in-person (in Hong Kong/ UK)
  • Arrange school tours (if you can visit the UK)
  • Help you choose suitable UK based guardians
  • Advise on final school selection
  • Apply for Student Visa (or alternate visas)
  • Ensure a smooth arrival in the UK

To find out more about Ampla Education’s test preparation courses and boarding school application services, contact us at


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