How Going to an American School Might Benefit Your Child

Singapore had a population of over 5.69 million people in 2020, and of this number, 0.52 million were permanent residents and 1.64 million were non-residents. Indeed, the country is a favorite destination for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to set up or expand their operations in Southeast Asia. The city also presents a lot of economic opportunities to professionals from all over the world. Now, many people who immigrate to Singapore bring their families with them. In part, this choice is due to the fact that the city-state has one of the best education systems in the world, and it offers a wide selection of international schools on top of equally excellent local schools. 

Singapore International School

If you are residing in Singapore with your family, you may choose to send your child to an international school that follows an American curriculum, as there are a number of academic institutions in the city-state that present this option. Simply searching “American education Singapore” online will already yield a list of schools that follow American educational standards. Enrolling your child in one will likely present them with benefits that may prove to be advantageous to their current development and future professional prospects. Here’s how: 


World-Class Education Imbued with a Global Perspective


International schools in Singapore that offer American education provide students with a system that embraces diversity and inclusion. It is worth noting that there is no set curriculum for American schools and that the education system in the US is decentralized. As such, American schools in Singapore have the freedom to follow academic programs that have been refined to meet the needs of their international student body. They can offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes to increase their students’ chances of earning college credits for US-based colleges and universities, but they can also adjust their curricula to ensure that their students will be able to connect with their local communities. Through these programs, American schools in the country are helping international students set a solid foundation for themselves no matter where their dreams and decisions will take them in the future. 


An Excellent Selection of US-Based Colleges and Universities


There are plenty of globally competitive colleges and universities in the US, and attending these academic institutions will help students expand their horizons and future career prospects. However, gaining admission to a well-known institution of higher learning is a significant challenge, as there are many others who are vying for the same opportunity. To stand out from a sea of applicants, a student must be able to showcase their aptitude for learning, among other qualities. This is an area where American international schools shine. These organizations offer AP classes where students can earn college credits and other achievements that highlight their scholastic capabilities. At the same time, Singapore requires students to take co-curricular activities that will enable them to discover their interests and hone skills that will help them reach their full potential. This combination enables students in American international schools in Singapore to build an exceptional college application résumé. 


A Thorough Introduction to American Culture and Society


It takes more than just academic prowess to maximize the opportunities that one is presented with during their tertiary education years. Students also need to be able to adapt to their new surroundings if they want to improve their chances of success in their college or university. Someone who wants to be a good student in the US must have a thorough grounding in American culture. This way, they can reduce the effects of culture shock and hit the ground running once they get to their new campus.


The good news is that studying in an American international school gives students an idea of what to expect when staying in the US. Students in these schools have a better understanding of the curricula that US schools tend to use, and they can easily find common ground with students who have experienced the same education system. Also, many international schools focus on helping students strengthen their foundational values, and this can help learners stay true to themselves while giving them the tools they need to adjust to their new environment. 


A Learning Environment That Encourages Self-reliance and Independence


Students who want to study in a country outside of their own must be able to manage not only their academic responsibilities but also their domestic and professional affairs, especially if they plan to stay in the US. To thrive in a different country while living all on their own, students must be equipped with time management skills, the ability to see things from other perspectives, and a solid understanding of who they are as a person and what they hope to achieve.


An American international school will help students develop these essential qualities. In such an environment, students have every opportunity to work independently, cooperate with people from different cultural and social backgrounds, and reflect on their values and priorities as individuals. These give them plenty of chances to form their beliefs while honing their capability to adjust to new situations and different perspectives. In turn, these practices can help them become self-motivated individuals with a healthy sense of being and an appreciation for the communities that they are in. 


Enrolling your child in an American international school in Singapore is a smart move that offers long-term benefits to lifelong learners, no matter if your family is primarily based in the country or not. If you want these benefits for your child, then it is a great time to check out your options for such a school in the Lion City.


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