How to Future-Proof Your Career

March 03, 2021 

Covid-19 has seriously impacted working life and career progression for many people. Many workplaces are trying to find ways to adjust to the ‘new normal’ by encouraging remote working.

A common question is whether technology will displace jobs. Employees are now concerned that their work will be replaced by robots or automation software. While this is a valid concern, a more beneficial approach may be to consider how artificial intelligence and technology can help with work or open opportunities. For example, automation software can help save employees’ time with menial and administrative tasks, providing them with more time to spend on more important tasks which require critical thinking.


How to future-proof your career for 2016 and beyond | EG Jobs

  1. Stay Tech-Savvy

It will be useful to stay up to date with technology, even if new developments are not directly linked to your current job, as it may be a transferable skill that lands you your next job. This could mean reading up on new developments with AI or learning how to code.


  1. Develop transferrable skills

To remain employable, you should develop many transferrable skills that all types of employers in different fields look for. Some examples include great communication skills, the ability to be flexible and manage stress, and take up a leadership position when necessary. This will mean that if you decide on a career change out of choice or necessity, you can still easily market yourself as an ideal candidate for a position.


  1. Keep Up-skilling

In the modern workplace it does not help to be complacent – you should try and stay ahead of the game. Educate yourself on new developments in your field of expertise; attend conferences; gain new qualifications.

How to future-proof your career | Psychologies

  1. Think Globally

Many companies deal with cross-border transactions so the need to be open-minded and culturally sensitive is increasingly important. In the global marketplace, it will be useful to learn new languages and to learn about cultural customs to develop strong bonds with international clients and colleagues. For example, is there a certain title you are meant to refer to someone out of respect? Are you expected to dress a certain way if you are on a business call with people from certain backgrounds?


  1. Jobs that require creativity or compassion

Jobs that require ‘human’ qualities like creativity, empathy or compassion are less likely to be replaceable by technology. You could consider entering fields which will require these ‘human’ qualities, such as becoming a healthcare professional, a teacher, or a veterinarian. Similarly, creativity is unlikely to be replaced by automation, so creative industries will likely thrive in the years to come. Examples of sectors which will continue flourish include design, communications, and marketing.


  1. Core Job Sectors

There are certain job sectors which will always require new candidates because they are essential to the functioning of society. Some examples include education, healthcare, engineering, energy and construction sectors.



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Educated at the Chinese International School, Cara obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from the University of Cambridge and is currently studying for a Masters in Law. While at Cambridge, she was the Treasurer of the Cambridge University Law Society and was heavily involved in performing theatre. Cara has worked at the Cambridge University Law Faculty Open Day and as a Peterhouse Student Ambassador as she enjoys advising and helping prospective university applicants with the application process. 


© Ampla Education  –  Unauthorised use of this material without permission is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full credit is given to Ampla Education.


© Ampla Education  -  Unauthorised use of this material without permission is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full credit is given to Ampla Education.

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