List of UK University Entry Requirements by Subject

Universities set their own entry requirements for undergraduate courses, and these can vary widely depending on the degree and the university. Be sure to have the right A-Level/ IB subject combination before applying to the degree.


What is the difference between required or recommended?

Required: the subject/ subject combinations are required by your application to be considered.

Recommended: the subject/ subject combinations can provide a useful background, but is not essential. Universities also understand that not every school offers the stated subject/ subject combinations and applicants will not be disadvantaged because of this.


UK University Entry Requirements 2017

Below is a list of UK university entry requirements sorted by subject.

Required: Maths (most courses)

Recommended: A combination of Science and Humanities (some courses); Biology (for Biological Anthropology courses); Classics, History and/or Geography (for Social Anthropology courses).

Required: Maths and/or Physics (most courses) and/or Art (some courses); a portfolio of work (some courses)
Recommended: A combination of Sciences and Arts

Art and Design/Fine Art
Required: Art and Design (most courses)
Recommended: Design and Technology and/or Physics (some courses)

Required: Chemistry and Biology (most courses)
Recommended: Maths (most courses)

Business and Management Studies
Required: Maths (some courses)

Required: Chemistry and one other Science (all courses)
Recommended: Maths and Further Maths (some courses)

Required: Latin and/or Greek (most courses)
Recommended: English Literature and/or History and/or a Modern Foreign Language

Computer Science
Required: Maths (most courses)
Recommended: Computer Science (most courses) and/or Further Maths (some courses)

Required: Maths. Some courses require Further Maths.
Recommended: Economics (most courses) and/or Further Maths (some courses)

Required: Maths and Physics. Some courses require Further Maths
Recommended: Further Maths and/or another Science

English Literature
Required: English Literature
Recommended: Another Humanities subject

Required: History
Recommended: Another Humanities subject (some courses)

History of Art
Recommended: History of Art and/or Religious Studies

Required: No particular A levels are required; significant work experience is expected Recommended: A Humanities subject and/or Maths (most courses)

Required: English Literature and/or a Modern Foreign Language and/or Greek/Latin (course-dependent)

Required: Maths (all courses) and Further Maths (most courses)

Medicine and Dentistry
Required: Biology and Chemistry (all courses); varied work experience
Recommended: Another Science or Maths

Modern Languages
Required: For French, German and Spanish courses, the respective A level or equivalent is required (all courses).
Recommended: Another Modern Foreign Language and/or Latin/Greek and/or a Humanities subject

Oriental, African or Asian Studies
Required: A Modern Foreign Language and/or Latin/Greek
Recommended: A Humanities subject

Required: Music; a proven record of performance and ABRSM grades or equivalent (some courses)
*Note that applications for performance-based courses are made through UCAS Conservatoires

Required: Chemistry (most courses)
Recommended: Another Science subject  

Recommended: A Humanities subject (most courses); Maths (some courses); a combination of Arts/Humanities and Science (some courses)

Required: Maths and Physics; Further Maths (some courses)
Recommended: Another Science subject or Further Maths  

Politics or Social Sciences
Recommended: At least one Humanities subject

PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics)
Required: No particular A levels
Recommended: History and/or Maths (some courses); at least one Humanities subject (some courses)

Required: At least one Science subjects  
Recommended: One or two Science subjects including Pschology (most courses)

Veterinary Medicine
Required: Biology and Chemistry; varied work experience with small and large animals Recommended: Another Science subject


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