UKiset Test Preparation

What is UKiset?

The UKiset is the UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test with over 200 UK schools adopting UKiset as part of their admissions process for international students. Some schools use UKiset as the sole assessment while some use it as the first stage of their admissions process. It is not a compulsory test for candidates, but increasingly schools are likely to ask for it sooner or later in the application process.

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精選英國寄宿學校入學預備課程(UKiset, CAT4, Common Entrance Exam及頂尖寄宿學校預備課程) – 廸昇海外升學中心Rise Smart Overseas Education Centre

There are three key elements to the UKiset test (source from the official UKiset page):


1. Reasoning

Designed to explore what kind of thinking a candidate finds easy or difficult and includes:

  • Verbal Reasoning – Language questions and problem solving with words
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning – Solving problems using shapes, pictures and logic
  • Mathematical Reasoning – Looking at number, value, quantity and sequence concepts

This part of the test is adaptive which means that the questions asked are designed to assess the student’s ability level. The more questions the student answers correctly, the more difficult the test will become. Therefore, not being able to answer a question does not mean the student is performing badly!

2. Reading and Listening

The second part of UKiset is the Cambridge English test, an online multiple choice test that assesses receptive language skills.

3. Essay Writing

The final section of UKiset is a short English essay, designed to demonstrate expressive language skills.


Ampla’s UKiset Test Prep  Courses

Following our initial assessment, students will receive a customised plan based on the following curriculum which is designed to imitate UK school assessments. Our course highlights include:

To find out more about Ampla Education’s test preparation courses and boarding school application services, contact us at


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