How to Prepare for a Law Application

October 31, 2018 | Athena Chuang

Are you preparing for an application to read Law at university?

Securing a place to study Law at university is a highly competitive process and below are some words of advice on how to make your application stand out amongst the crowd.

1. Read Widely

It is important that prospective Law applicants get into the habit of reading widely.

Aside from keeping abreast of the news, you should read books and articles relevant to your application to study Law. This will not only demonstrate your interest in Law as an academic discipline, but also that you are an intellectually curious individual well-placed to study one of the most challenging courses at university.

A great place to start would be ‘What About Law?’, written by Law professors from the University of Cambridge, who are leading experts in their field. Additionally, by keeping up-to-date with current affairs, you will find that many news stories have a legal dimension, which you may wish to further discuss in your application.

2. Visit Your Local Court

In order to make your Law application stand out, witness the law in action at your local court. Sit in a public hearing to have a better idea of how the local court system works and make notes on what you observe and hear during the proceedings.

While you may come across unfamiliar legal terms and concepts, be open-minded about the experience. Having exposure to the law in action will enhance the content of your application.

3. Gain Legal Work Experience

Having prior legal work experience demonstrates that you are committed to pursuing a degree in Law. Such experience might be in the form of participating in debating competitions or mock trials, or in the form of an internship at a law firm.

Do not panic if you are unable to secure any legal experience; it is not a prerequisite for a successful Law application. Even if you have gained prior non-legal work experience, talk about the skills you developed and how they are relevant to a Law degree.

4. Pursue Extracurricular Activities

Universities do not simply want to see evidence of your motivation and academic potential to read Law. They want to see that you are a well-rounded individual with interests outside of academia and that you will contribute to the diversity of the undergraduate community.

Whether you play the piano or whether you are an avid netball player, remember to mention your extracurricular pursuits in your application.

5. Communicate Your Ideas

Being able to express your ideas adeptly and succinctly is important for a successful Law application.

Make it a habit to communicate your ideas with family members and friends. Asking them for their opinion on current affairs may provide you with multiple perspectives, which in turn might help you form your own point of view on a particular issue mentioned in your application.

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Educated at Wycombe Abbey, Athena obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from the University of Cambridge, where she was an Academic Scholar, President of the Cambridge University Society for Women Lawyers and Careers Secretary of the Cambridge University Law Society. Athena is passionate about learning and teaching languages. She has had experience in teaching English, English literature, and modern foreign languages, including French, Spanish and Mandarin.


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