Why Should You Study Law?

September 15, 2018 | Athena Chuang

Are you thinking of applying to read Law at university?
Renowned as one of the most intellectually rigorous and demanding undergraduate courses, keep reading to find out why should you pursue a Law degree.

1. Acquire Skills to Think Like a Lawyer
Thinking like a lawyer is not an ability that can be acquired overnight. Similar to most skills, those of legal analysis take time to cultivate. Studying Law at university will equip you with analytical and evaluative skills which are invaluable to any profession you wish to pursue.

You will be assigned reading lists comprising of textbooks and articles written by eminent legal scholars, which will require you to assess and challenge their points of view. Additionally, from analysing and interpreting the wording in statutes to grasping the ratio of a judgment, you will be trained to think like a lawyer over the course of your three-year degree.


2. You Enjoy Debating
Do you make it a point to always have the last word? If you enjoy debating, writing argumentative essays or routinely detecting flaws in others’ arguments, Law might just be the right degree for you.

During your Law degree, you will write essays arguing your way through a legal problem or moot point, which will require an appreciation of both sides of the controversy and ultimately, your point of view on the issue. If debating is something you enjoy, most universities offer a range of extracurricular activities to complement your legal studies, including mooting and negotiation competitions.

3. Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Legal System
Those reading Law typically cover twice as many subjects in their degree than those taking a law conversion course, and do so in much more depth.

As a result, undergraduate Law students have the advantage of gaining a deeper understanding of the English legal system as a whole and of specialising in non-core areas of the law, ranging from Competition, Criminology to Landlord and Tenant Law.

Moreover, some universities participate in a study abroad programme. This will provide you with the opportunity to study Law or a related course in a foreign country such as France or Spain, complementing your knowledge of the English legal system.

4. Law is a Multidisciplinary Subject
Law has earned an unfair reputation for being a ‘dry’ subject. On the contrary, Law is an attractive choice of degree given its breadth and diversity.

As an academic subject, it encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including politics, philosophy, history and criminology. Reading Law means that you will constantly be learning something new and fascinating about the society we live in.

5. A Law Degree is Well-Respected by Employers
Law is one of the world’s oldest professions and disciplines, rendering it a degree which is very well-respected by employers in all industries. The skills developed during a Law degree, including communication and evaluation skills, are highly sought-after by recruiters.

Whether or not they wish to pursue a legal career, Law graduates enjoy excellent career prospects.

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Educated at Wycombe Abbey, Athena obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from the University of Cambridge, where she was an Academic Scholar, President of the Cambridge University Society for Women Lawyers and Careers Secretary of the Cambridge University Law Society. Athena is passionate about learning and teaching languages. She has had experience in teaching English, English literature, and modern foreign languages, including French, Spanish and Mandarin.


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